Funding Programmes

The service of Create Hong Kong Funding Administration and Information System will be suspended for maintenance work during the following period:

2 Dec 2022 06:00pm - 5 Dec 2022 09:30am

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Your attention is drawn to the CSI Guide that applications may not be approved, and even if approved, the amount approved may be different from the one proposed in the application. Should the applicants choose to incur/commit any expenditure for the projects under application before funding approval is confirmed, the applicants will have to bear their own risk and pay for the incurred/committed expenditure themselves in case their funding applications are rejected or only partially approved subsequently.

Moreover, project commencement before funding approval would only be granted where justified and applicants should not take it for granted. Applicants are strongly reminded to submit applications earlier taking into account the required processing time of the Secretariat upon receipt of all information.