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CreateSmart Initiative


The CreateSmart Initiative (CSI) was established by the Government in June 2009 to promote and speed up the development of local creative industries so as to build Hong Kong into Asia's Creative Capital. The CSI aims at providing financial support to projects conducive to the development of creative industries in Hong Kong. It is administered by the Create Hong Kong (CreateHK).


The CSI will fund projects with objectives that are in line with our strategic directions to drive the development of the creative industries, namely:

  • Nurturing talents and facilitating start-ups;

  • Exploring markets; and

  • Promoting Hong Kong as Asia’s creative capital and fostering a creative atmosphere in the community.

Eligibility for Application

Applicants should normally be locally registered institutions / organisations, including local academic institutes, industry support Organisations, trade and industry associations, professional bodies, research institutes and companies (The applicant should be a body or company established or incorporated under the Hong Kong laws including the Companies Ordinance (Cap.32)). CreateHK and other Government departments are also eligible to apply.

Project elements which are covered under the scope of Film Development Fund, Film Guarantee Fund, and other dedicated Government funding schemes, and those which will receive or have received funding from other Government or known sources will NOT be considered.

Form of Funding Support

Funding support is normally given as a grant and be disbursed by instalments.


Applications can be submitted throughout the year. Each applicant can submit more than one application.

Applicants should refer to the "CreateSmart Initiative Guide" for details on application procedure and eligibility criteria. The guide and application forms are available at the Download Area.


CSI does not cover projects –

a) that fall under the scope of other dedicated Government funding schemes, including but not limited to the Film Development Fund, the Film Guarantee Fund, the Innovation and Technology Fund,the Arts Development Fund (Cultural Exchange Project) and the Grants of Hong Kong Arts Development Council; and/or

b) that will receive funding from other Government sources.

Your attention is drawn to the CSI Guide that applications may not be approved, and even if approved, the amount approved may be different from the one proposed in the application. Should the applicants choose to incur/commit any expenditure for the projects under application before funding approval is confirmed, the applicants will have to bear their own risk and pay for the incurred/committed expenditure themselves in case their funding applications are rejected or only partially approved subsequently.

Moreover, project commencement before funding approval would only be granted where justified and applicants should not take it for granted. Applicants are strongly reminded to submit applications earlier taking into account the required processing time of the Secretariat upon receipt of all information.

If applicants have queries whether the projects seeking CSI funding fall under the scope of other dedicated Government funding schemes, please contact the CSI Secretariat.


CSI Secretariat

Tel : 2294 2774

Email :