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CreateSmart Initiative Vetting Committee
(August 2021 - July 2023)

The CreateSmart Initiative Vetting Committee comprises professionals, representatives from the private sector, academics and other relevant members of the public. Its functions are to assess applications, make recommendations to the Permanent Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, monitor and review the quality of approved projects.

The membership of the CreateSmart Initiative Vetting Committee is set out as follows –

Ms CHAN Tak-chi, Bonnie
Mr CHEUNG Yick-lun, Alan, M.H.
Dr LAU Kin-wah, Kevin, M.H., J.P.
Prof TANG Man-bun, Stephen, B.B.S.
Mr TING Wai-cheung, Bernie
Prof WONG Kam-fai, M.H.
Mr Antony CHAN
Mr CHAN Chak-bun, Benny
Ms Cherry CHAN
Mr CHAN Chi-kin
Mr CHAN Ka-yeung, Edmund
Mr CHENG Chung-pong, Calvin
Mr Victor CHENG
Ms Bonita CHEUNG
Ms CHEUNG Yee-mei, Emily
Mr CHIEN Kwok-keung, Kenny
Mr Gordon CHIN
Ms CHOI Yi-tak, Rosanna
Ms CHU Tsun-mi, Onie
Ms FONG Kit-yin, Jessica
Ms FUNG Wing-ki, Vicky
Mr HO Chun-hung, Keith
Ms HO Ming-wai, Celine
Mr Eddie HUI
Dr Tris KEE
Mr Dylan KWOK
Ms Gammy KWOK
Mr LAM Gee-yu, Will
Ms LAM Hiu-ying, Juliana
Ms Janko LAM
Ms LAM Yee-nee, Elita
Mr LAU Man-pong, Peter
Mr Roy LAW
Dr LEE Pui-yuen, Vincie
Dr LEE Yu-hin, Brian
Mr LEUNG Chun-fai
Ms Gloria LEUNG
Dr LIU Kam-hing, Bobby
Mr MA Kwai-yung, Gerry, J.P.
Ms MOK Mo-kit, Daisy
Dr Tracy MOK
Mr Derrick NGAN
Mr Orange SEE
Mr SHUM Wai-lam, William
Mr SZETO Kwong-chiu, Ralph
Mr TAM Chi-hang, Keith
Mr Michael TAM
Mr Kent WONG
Dr WONG Yin-yue, Sharon
Mr Mountain YAM
Mr YEUNG Kwok-keung, Patrick
Mr Karr YIP
Mr Franklin YU
Mr YUEN Yiu-fai, Wilson