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Project Profile

Project Reference CSI(D)/2010/0363
Project Title Symposium and Workshops on “Design Thinking” and Innovation for Public Open Space in Hong Kong
Project Period 15/02/2021 - 31/10/2022
Architectural Services Department
Chun-yuk KAN
Approval Date 26/02/2021
Funding Amount
Brief description of the Project Public open space (“POS”) plays an important role in the quality of social life, physical and mental wellbeing, community building in neighbourhoods, and a city’s identity. Architectural Services Department (“ArchSD”) has been the works department assisting the project proponents/user departments such as Development Bureau (Energizing Kowloon East Office), Development Bureau (Harbour Office), Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Leisure and Cultural Services Department etc. in developing and maintaining POS in government venues. To create a quality POS, the adoption of design thinking in the development process including site planning, design, and collaboration with different stakeholders (such as the local community, the government departments responsible for operation and maintenance) is the key to success. We therefore propose to hold a symposium and a series of workshops to promote design thinking and innovation for POS through the presentation of current projects and methods deals with this field of design, and in-depth workshops to trigger the stakeholders to rethink the concept of POS, encourage innovative design and uplift quality delivery of POS to improve the individual and social well-being and enhance the community’s collective life in Hong Kong.

The project information is accurate as of the approval date of the project.

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