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Project Profile

Project Reference CSI(D)/2010/0361
Project Title Yesterday’s Future, Invent Tomorrow!
Project Period 28/01/2021 - 08/03/2022
Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong Limited
Chun Fai LEUNG
Approval Date 26/02/2021
Funding Amount
Brief description of the Project Even though Hong Kong has built an unrivalled reputation for professionalism, based on providing high work efficiency and management standard supported by talents and vision, along with the local historical and cultural value, Hong Kong has yet to keep up the pace with international brands. Especially at a time of the economic recession, we all are taking a serious hit on retail and export business, the creative industries, in many ways and for a long time. It is believed that we can step-up from the competition and overcome the propounding changes on digital and manufactory revolution, only when we capitalize the power of synergy to open the gates of opportunity amidst trying times, and create a win-win situation on the contributions of all parties. In this project, we recruit and connect local historical brands with creative and innovative creators and match design proposals made to associated brands. Adhere the program missions, we facilitate industry synergy to develop new creative /innovative product series and multiply possible impacts with a strategic marketing plan, to reawaken local brand’s spirit, more importantly strengthen its position and increase market penetration locally then globally. Expecting 30-150 designers and 20-80 design students will be benefited in this project. Only one designer team (1-3 members) and one student team (2-5 members) will be appointed to each associated brand. In line with the number of participating brands, a total of 3-5 new design series will be created for 3-5 associated brands. It is believed that the project will spur design collaboration between companies and creative talents on a much broader basis and bring professional design service to corporate and public attention in the long run.

The project information is accurate as of the approval date of the project.

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