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Project Profile

Project Reference CSI(D)/1902/0287
Project Title Project HK-UK: Design, Artistry and Craftsmanship
Project Period 01/05/2019 - 31/07/2022
Hong Kong Furniture & Decoration Trade Association Limited
Approval Date 31/05/2019
Funding Amount
Brief description of the Project Both Hong Kong and UK are vibrant and culturally diverse societies. Diversity of culture and background creates a forum for new and innovative perspectives. More important is that creative realm can be benefited from a diversity of thinking by the viewing of a project through the prisms of differing cultural perspectives. What we want to achieve in this project is knowledge-sharing and discussion, to strengthen industrial bonds and to shape new ones, to elaborate the issues around creative (thinking) process to creative challenges, and to develop furniture design and craftsmanship skills. It is our intention that ‘Project HK-UK' would serve as one platform validating our efforts not only to ourselves but also to other stakeholders within education and the design practice. Most important is that to build a sustainable creative economy it requires a workforce comfortable with collaboration, critical thinking and the ability to take a risk. ‘Project HK-UK' is a Creative Collaboration — It is an exploration of what might happen when designers of different disciplines and worldviews come together. ‘Project HK-UK' asks you to step out of your normal working pattern to collaborate among fellow designers on the other side of the world in creating a furniture object that is unique, fresh and insightful. It is not an abstract exercise; the end results of the collaborations will be new pieces of furniture with both functional and aesthetic value worth exhibiting at international platform to further promote Hong Kong as an Asian creative hub. ‘Project HK-UK' is a Multiculturalism and Multidisciplinary Mentorship-focus Programme — It pairs start-ups, emerging designers and students (Mentees) with established design professionals (Mentors) from HK and UK. Mentors and mentees meet regularly during a seven-to-eleven-month period and share resources, experiences and collaborate on real-life projects. ‘Project HK-UK' is a Curated Design Showcase — Participate in design shows is one of the most important events for start-ups and emerging designers. In recognition of the participants' creativity and ingenuity, design works produced from this project will be showcased at Hong Kong's most international design event BODW, and Italy's Milan Design Week. Both platforms continue to be highly respected and successful ones for bringing together new design talent with industry and consumers in Asia and Europe. The abstract is provided by the fund recipient.

The project information is accurate as of the approval date of the project.

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