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Project Profile

Project Reference CSI(D)/1904/0296
Project Title Design x Tech (DxT)
Project Period 01/11/2019 - 30/01/2021
Hong Kong Designers Association Limited
Kinoshita MUI
Approval Date 05/11/2019
Funding Amount
Brief description of the Project Design has matured from a largely stylistic endeavor to a field tasked with solving thorny technological and social problems, an evolution that will accelerate as companies enlist designers for increasingly complex opportunities, from self-driving cars to human biology. Design as a profession will continue to evolve into a hybrid industry that is considered as much technical as it is creative. A new wave of designers formally educated in human-centered design—taught to weave together research, interaction, visual and code to solve incredibly gnarly 21st-century problems. Designers have a high potential to move into leadership positions and take up the key roles to push the industry to new heights of sophistication. The Project aims to: 1. Strengthen the bridge between design and tech talents, utilizing design resources for technology companies and deploying technology resources with designers. 2. Promote local designers to become a leadership position to maximize business value and benefit society through integrated design and technology. 3. Drive innovative business development and excellence for the local Design x Tech community by establishing DxT matching platform, DxT talks and DxT accelerator.

The project information is accurate as of the approval date of the project.

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