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Project Profile

Project Reference CSI/2105/0545
Project Title Organising 4th Cross-Matching Showcase in HK International Licensing Show 2022
Project Period 01/08/2021 - 31/07/2022
Innovative Entrepreneur Association Company Limited
King Ha Grace TSE
Approval Date 19/08/2021
Funding Amount
Brief description of the Project CSI has provided funding support to IEA to a comprehensive support programme to help owners of young character designers and owners of licensable intellectual properties (IP) to promote their IPs and grow their businesses through a series of mentoring, training, workshops, business matching, and participation at the Hong Kong International Licensing Show (HKILS) 2022. The project aims at promoting the works of local character designers and IP owners to a wider audience in an international arena, as well as to reinforce Hong Kong’ position as the IP trading and licensing hub of Asia.

The project information is accurate as of the approval date of the project.

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