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Project Profile

Project Reference CSI(D)/1910/0318
Project Title SEED – To Open Minds
Project Period 02/03/2020 - 28/02/2021
PMQ Management Company Limited
Approval Date 13/03/2020
Funding Amount
Brief description of the Project To cultivating creative talents, it should be started as early as possible. Aligning the 2017 Policy Address, “The nurturing of creativity and design thinking should be introduced at an early age…” PMQ will carry out the creative education project ‘SEED’ in 2020-21. Same as ‘Tinkering, Kids!’ (CSI(D)/1812/0279) in 2019, we have applied design thinking, a human-centric approach, with the medium of Architecture, Art and STEM in the programme development. Based on the feedback from participants and with more resources, project ‘SEED’ can be further improved. In the School Outreach of ‘Tinkering, Kids!’, it showed impressive learning results from students through mentorship mode; and effective collaborations among teaching teams and teachers while teachers could apply design thinking in the syllabus. Hence, we will extend the School Outreach to more schools in project ‘SEED’. Empathy is a crucial first step among the 5 key stages in design thinking. Nurturing empathy in children is essential and emphasized by Dr. Michele Borba, a world-renowned educational psychologist and the guru on childhood development. In her book “UnSelfie”, she mentions empathy is a trait that can be nurtured at the early stage, and it can build teamwork and tackle complex issues in the 21st century. Thus, we add a new programme Mini-camp for kids aged 5-8 to cultivating empathy using picture books, and to empowering parents and educators. ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop is for teaching teams and teachers featuring design thinking in education and child learning capability. Spanning from March to December 2020, there are 3 major programmes, ‘School Outreach, Summer Camp and Mini-camp’, 1 key event ‘Creative Festival’, and a ‘Train the trainer’ workshop. Finally, children, our major target audience, could develop their empathy, the capability of problem-solving and collaboration through the practice of design thinking. Educators, parents and the public can also benefit in this project.

The project information is accurate as of the approval date of the project.

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